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Whether it’s a marrige, a job or a prison sentence, 35 years is a long time to do anything.  When it’s fishing with your oldest friend, it doesn’t seem that long until you sit down and write about it.  The curious part about our love of the water is that we still don’t fully understand it, and I guess that’s part of the charm too.  Another Fishing Show is the perfect observation of an obsession.  An obsession to be a part of a place that modern society has taken most people out of.

But the question still remains – Why?  Why spend hours and hours of our precious summer vacation in the pursuit of fish?  It was like we were fishing as if our lives depended on it.  I can remember only a handful of times we actually kept and ate fish.  The rest of the time our focus was learning how to catch fish without harming them to preserve our favorite resource.  Because of this we never fully understood the concept of “gamefish”.  If you are not catching to eat then what is the difference?  For us fishing was a means to an end.  A way to scratch an itch of the mystery below the surface.  Albert Einstein once said “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”, but I still don’t get the Kardashians.

When I was around 10, Greg and I started an exclusive club called the Critter Crazy Pals, or CCP if you are into acronyms.  This club was so exclusive that nobody wanted to be a member.  We would get up at the crack of dawn armed with nets and buckets, and hike miles to the nearest body of water on a discovery mission to see what rare species it held.  At night we dreamt of giant snapping turtles and rare tree frogs, and we would even rehearse our stealthy hunting tactics.  In reality we would would catch a few painted turtles and a lazy toad or two.  But that didn’t stop us from thinking we were awesome.  So awesome that we needed to open a “zoo” to impress the neighborhood girls.  Charging .25 for admission, the patrons where allowed to experience pond life at its finest.  This seemed like a major deal at the time, but as evidenced below, I’m pretty sure it was just a turtle in a cooler.

CCP “Zoo”


So fast forward to present day.  Kid curiosity is one thing, but what still drives us?  To the average person it can be hard to understand, and for me it can be even harder to explain.  Growing up and living in Minnesota has a major part in this.  An amazing place full of lakes, rivers and forests that just beg to be explored.  And with it an outdoors driven culture like no other.  Fishing in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes (actually 11,842 but who’s counting), has become such a major part of the local culture that the fishing opener in early May is a major state holiday.  Along with the traditions of the fishing season comes a diverse cast of characters and events deserving to be acknowledged.  We are literally sitting on the ice and fishing through holes by the thousands through our bitter cold winters!

Another Fishing Show has set out to bring this cultural phenomenon not just to fisherman, but to the masses. We grew up the disciples of fishing shows.  The type of shows that set out to make the host look like a superhero of fishing.  No matter what the conditions, said host could always go out and catch as many fish as needed, all the while plugging various products he obviously had no interest in.  There was no reality in it and nothing we could relate to.  We would often buy into these elegant advertisements only to be disappointed by our ability to actually catch fish.  As we grew older we realized that the true enjoyment of this “sport” of fishing, was the people we met and the adventures it led us to.  Going out fishing all day and not catching a fish was still a victory because it ended with the perfect tasting beer at a no name bar.

This blog will be available to offer insights to AFS episodes as they are released, as well as covering our various trips on the water. We don’t take ourselves to seriously, we would appreciate it if you don’t either.  We love to interact with our viewers whether it be facebook, twitter, instagram or youtube.  Or feel free to email us a  If there is something you think we should be filming please contact us, we would love to take you fishing

Another Fishing Show.  We fish so you don’t have to.


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