Meet the AFS Hosts Greg Underdahl and Pete Wagner


Welcome to Another Fishing Show!

My name is Pete Wagner and my partner in crime is Greg Underdahl.  After countless hours on the boat and in the stream, Greg and me finally decided it was time to document our constant pursuit of fish and share it with the world.  There is nothing either of us would rather be doing than fishing.  My earliest memories revolve around being outdoors and chasing whatever moved with Greg.  Turtles, Snakes, Frogs, Salamanders (a score by the way), and even a misguided chipmunk capture (who later easily escaped).  This fascination with the outdoor world never left me, and eventually evolved into fishing.

Greg the Trout Slayer


I am not a big fan of fish on the dinner plate.  But I do think fresh walleye is one of the finest meals a person can sit down to.  But for the most part I am a biologist at heart, desperate to catch something so I can learn about it.  I do not and will not discriminate.  Nothing annoys me more than the term “trash fish”.  Anything that can be caught in the water is worth learning about and understanding its place in an ecosystem.   No matter what the target,  how I fish revolves around a respect for the resource first.  Catch and release is the standard play for me, except for the unlucky northwoods walleye that crosses my path occasionally.

Me and a bass with a weight problem


You will see plenty of nonsense on the videos in this blog.  Intertwined with 2 guys who don’t claim to be experts, they only have a passion for fishing like so many people around the world, and especially in our favorite state of Minnesota.  The goal is to not take things too seriously, unless of course we hook a big fish.  Then things get as serious as a heart attack.

Good fishing and we hope to see you on the water.



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